All submitted manuscripts will be initially reviewed by the journal's Editor-in-Chief. At this stage, papers may be rejected before peer review if we feel that they are not of high enough quality, do not follow our guidelines, or are not within the scope of the journal. This ensures that authors are given a quick decision if their paper is unsuitable. Manuscripts that pass the initial review process will be sent out for peer review to independent expert reviewers. The process is double blinded.

If necessary, the author(s) would be asked to revise the manuscript according to the reviewers' suggestions. A cover letter that addresses the issues, point by point, raised in the suggestions should be included. This revision will be forwarded to the reviewers who will recheck the same. Manuscripts will be selected for publication based on peer review feedback, compliance of the author in making the modifications, and Editor-in-Chief's final decision. Manuscripts that fail peer review will be rejected.